''The visually arresting, wickedly entertaining crime drama Pickings; marks an impressive narrative feature directing debut by Usher Morgan, who also wrote, edited and produced. He's a talent to watch'' 

The Los Angeles Times

''Pickings is visually stirring, kick ass and entertaining but not at the expense of a story which does not shy away from the cycle of pain that comes with a life shaped by violence... confidant filmmaking!"

UK Film Review

"For a micro budgeted, indie title - 'Pickings' offers a 'lot' of bang for the buck. It's fun. It's exciting and, dare I say... even sexy. One of the better indie titles I've seen in the last year. Easily."

22 Indie Street

''What writer-director-producer-cinematographer Usher Morgan's Pickings has by the boatload is visual pizzazz of the Sin City variety from the neon-drenched shadows to live-action images that morph into graphic-novel-style panels and back again, it's dazzling and all the more impressive because it was executed on an incredibly low budget'' 

Film Journal International

"Dark and gritty, fantastic and fun, Pickings is being released in theaters by Dark Passage FIlms and if you're in one of the cities lucky enough to get the film in theatrical release this is definitely an up-and-coming filmmaker that you'll really want to support with a film you'll really want to see."

The Independent Critic

"The sheer creativity and passion behind this project is undeniable, from its gorgeous cinematography and lighting to its energetic acting to its character driven story. Usher Morgan wanted to create a film that was equals parts completely badass and substance with a fun and emotional oddball of a western/noir hybrid."

Hidden Remote

"Jo (Elyse Price) is the character who won me over to the entire movie in the opening scene. When she kicks ass, you just want to sit back and take notes. And – very importantly – she does also manage to mess up a few times. Nobody’s perfect in Pickings, but that’s the point; Nobody ever is!"

Heaven of Horror

"The mix of action and style blend well... and it's all put together in just the right way. If that weren't enough, Morgan even manages to mix in some serious and dramatically sadder scenes, to keep the story flowing. Something rarely done right, in the indie film world. "Pickings" earns every single star I've awarded. Highly recommended viewing. One to watch for."


"With a limited release set for March 2nd in twenty-one cinemas across six cities, Pickings is definitely an independent feature film that is recommended. Morgan has created (along with his cast and crew) a stylish and bloody affair that should be enjoyed by many."

Screen Critix

"Combining two of the great genres of cinema is not an easy feat, and though Morgan's film is uneven, it is at least an indication that he could be someone to look out for in the future."

Film Inquiry

"The substance backs up the style. Like his heroine, Pickings relishes its “damned if you do/damned if you don’t” choices. This do-it-all filmmaker went for it and won’t be caught in damnation. Hit me again, Usher Morgan. Hit me again!"

Every Movie Has a Lesson

"In total, 'Pickings' will definitively satisfy fans of crime drama with a side of noir and perhaps prompt us all to light up a smoke, pour a whiskey, settle in, and enjoy the serious taste of this little Southern, pulp, gangster, hell hath no fury like a dame scorned romp."

One Film Fan

" Really great all things considered. Just goes to show that you never know what to expect anymore from an independent lightly budgeted production... until you actually sit down and watch."

Reel Romp

"Pickings isn’t what you expect, even if you are aware of all the log-lines and descriptions. It’s a film that surprises you in the best way and allows the audience to lose themselves in the intrigue and complexity of the world on screen. It caught my attention because of its style, but it gained my heart with its strength in character."

The Entertainment Section

"Usher Morgan has constructed a visually stunning live-action graphic novel that’s destined for cult status.

Alien Bee

"Take a little Sin City, mix in a dash of Kill Bill: Volumes 1 & 2 and maybe just a soupçon of From Dusk Till Dawn, and the resultant cinematic stew might look at least something like Pickings, a rather interesting if at times wobbly enterprise by Usher Morgan, making his (narrative) feature film debut with this wending tale of vengeance."

Blu Ray.com

"An aesthetically popping story with illustrative visuals, anomalies, and raw tooth violence." 

It's Bloggin' Evil

"...an unforgettable femme fatale—combined with the dazzling neon-dipped photography, startling violence and graphic novel-styled visuals of modern cinema. It immediately evokes the films of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, even as it stands on its own as an exciting new exercise stylized cinematic sound and vision."

Wild About Movies

"The movie is stylish and takes some interesting turns, making this neo-noir better than expected."

Gallop Sun

"Morgan knows how to work with what he’s got, and he uses his budget wisely, delivering maximum thrills for minimum cost. Add to that an excellent performance by lead actress Elyse Price (and the fact that the film’s main protagonist is a kick-ass woman) and the result is an indie film with a lot of grit."

Times Union