Usher Morgan Talks Noir and "Pickings" with The 405

"Every now and again, a film comes along that blows the viewer away visually and in narrative. I sat down to talk film-making, film noir, the western, screenwriting, art and much more with the maker of one such film: Usher Morgan of the noir-western Pickings.

Some films are ones to watch for their striking visuals. Others aren't anything spectacular visually but tell an interesting and engaging story. I was lucky enough to come across one recently that has both these pillars of great cinema firmly in place.

I caught up with director / writer / film-maker Usher Morgan for a very illuminating chat on film-making, movies, visual style, the spaghetti western and the soul of noir in his first dramatic feature film, Pickings, on a limited theatrical run now. For more info on theaters playing it and the film itself, head to Pickings' Facebook page here or on the web at"

Read the Article Here

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